She’s got eyes of Ice and a gorgon gaze
Knows how to turn a man to stone where those icy eyes lay
Would have cut out my heart, still beating, still bleeding, i’m still breathing
Had she not cut to the chase, Still dreaming, still seething, i’m still breathing
i’m still breathing…

Barely but breathe bellows from below
the past few months… solace in the undertow
Under the glow of fluorescents I’d expect i’m iridescent
But i’ve become bleak and black, ugly and omniscient
dreaming my descent.


Accurately describes the idea of me
Until those icy eyes delved deeper in degree
then self destructive and deconstructive, tore it all apart and tried to plead productive


Have you seen my heart?
it’s about 5”10, charming, and full of that spark
And now that I don’t have him I’m alone in the dark
and I know that he is too, because alone… he’s a part.

If you see him send him my way, otherwise here’s my day

In a sick spiral going viral, word of mouth spreads seeds of doubt
and from these seeds spreads a tree in a drought
twisted and mangled fruits of hatred are dangled
and it only grows in fire, confrontation is angled.

1 year ago

I hate myself.

thank you.

1 year ago

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